Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Visitors Part 1

Near the end of May, my friends Janell with her son Chase, and Julie with her kids William and Abigail came to Germany for a week to visit. We were all stationed together in TX for 4 years and now they are stationed in England. Their hubbies deployed just 1 week prior to Andy deploying so we thought what better time than now to have a reunion!?! They spent a week with me and then Tyler and I flew back to England with them to stay for a week...it was a gret way to 'buy some time' after Andy left. I definately had something fun to look forward to!! Our first day trip was to Trier; the oldest city in Germany and just 25 minutes from our house
Germany's oldest Christian Church...thanks for the tip Julie...I had no idea!!

Letting the kids run around for a bit

In front of the Porta Nigra; Roman Ruins over 2,000 years old

Love this picture :)

No, we didnt have a tri-pod...this one was taken by William; Julies 3 yr old!!
Wiped after a long day! Even Julie was getting in a little nap action :)
This was the first beautiful week of the season so we took a day for sightseeing and then a low-key play day in between for the kids...the next day we just stayed at the house and enjoyed the the backyard :)
Chase having fun with Georgia :)
Sweet Abigail :)

Sandboxes never get old :)
We went to Eifelpark Zoo since it was so close and let the kids run around for a bit....this is such a cute picture of Chase and Ty on the giant 'blob'
Having our lunch picnic
We always went on this giant slide at our state Fair in Minnesota so I was hoping Ty wouldnt flip if I took him down it. He wasnt happy or scared so I guess its a good sign :) Here Julie, William, Chase, and Janell are taking a crack at it first
...and loving it!

They have an Alpine slide and I have been anxiously waiting to go on it! We each took a turn watching the kids so we could go. It takes you up the hill and then you race down it with no motor, just coasting down the hill with only a brake. I don't have pics of it, but I was CRUISING!!! I had to break several times to prevent an accident from hitting the lady in front of me

Julie not looking nervous at all :)

The giant basket swing at the playground
William was in a phase of doing this face every time we took a picture this week...it was pretty funny :)
Almost every evening after we had the kids in bed, we spent our time like this...good conversation, wine, popcorn, chocolate, light reading, the bananagrams game, etc...it was so much fun to catch up on girl time :)

more pics to come next week...I'm packing right now for my weekend trip to Portugal over the 4th of July!! Wahoo!! HAPPY 4TH!

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erickson family said...

i love your adventures. pete is watching henry before bed, so i could catch up a bit! ;)