Sunday, February 8, 2009

I got Tagged!

So I just got tagged by my friend Janell. The instructions are that if they tag you, you have to go into the pictures on your computer and go to your 4th folder and post your 4th picture. I was so happy to see that the picture was of our dear friend Bill back in Del Rio, TX. As many of you know, he was a big part of our life there for 4 years. We spent every weekend checking up on the old guy and thought we were doing our "Christian Service" of be-friending the elderly; but really; he be-friended us. God taught us the meaning of contentment, simplicity, the gift of life, simple pleasures, history, laughter, and perseverance through Bill. Some of our greatest moments were watching the Spurs game with pizza, Andy fixing his computer (haha, not happened just about every time we went over there), collecting pecans in his back yard, and counting the "pickup trucks" while rocking on his front porch. He will be turning 99 this September! We miss him dearly and still call to check in on him. Andy called two nights ago and he was "tickled pink" to get a call from Korea! He was thrilled when we told him that Tyler's middle name is after him (Bill is short for William). If any of you who read this are still in Del Rio; take a moment to cheer up an old won't regret it!!
Anyway, here is a picture of our friend Bill taking his afternoon nap. I went over to visit and wanted to get a picture of him sleeping but he was too quick for the camera :)
Jessica Cameron, Haley Campbell, Jessica Korsmo, and Beth Szmodis (if you still blog!!); y'all are next!!

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