Monday, February 23, 2009


Since we've been in Korea, we've had to do some improvising. Most of our things are being stored for the year in Tucson, and with the Base exchange (a mini-Walmart...kinda') only providing limited options for household goods, we have been living a modified lifestyle. Here are just a few pictures of our improvising. We think it's pretty funny, so feel free to laugh at our expense!

First, our Changing Table...or shall we say "Changing Floor"
Our Oven finally came! Can you see it? Look real hard and squint's the black thing on the counter :) I can fit a pizza in it if I fold the edges!! Wahoo!Our just never know when the good ol' George Foreman will come in handy!Who knew that the microwave could also be used as a mirror! Our bathroom doesn't have an outlet, and there are few in the apartment. We have to buy transformers to plug American appliances into so that they don't blow up. You can see between the microwave and the fridge is a transformer. We have our hairdryer on top of it and just switch out the plug when it's time to make coffee in the morning...haha!
Stir Fry pans also work great as large mixing bowls!
Our dishwasher, version 5.0!
Thanks to and the Post Office, we are able to have a variety of nightstands at no charge. They come in all shapes and sizes :)
Now this is the cheapest Bluetooth I've seen on the market to date...haha!

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Jolene Renee said...

This is hilarious. I love it. :)