Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Superbowl Monday and Flat-top February!

Here are just some random photos from the past week. While everyone in the states was watching the superbowl with burgers, beer, and chips Sunday evening; we watched it Monday morning at 8:30 am with quiche, sausages, and orange juice! haha. Andy also rang in the month of February with a flat top haircut. All the guys in the squadron get a Flat top February haircut, Mustache March, Sideburn September, No hair November, and so on for the fighter traditions...pretty funny to see who can pull it off and who can't :) The snow is melting from last week as we have had several days of upper 40's and low 50's weather...so nice! Friday we brought pizza over to our friends Grant and Summer's and played several (very heated) games of UNO...cheating was allowed and Andy was rather good at it! Last Saturday night Andy and I had a date night (thanks to our wonderful friends who volunteered to watch Ty!!) and went to the Wild West Night at the Officer's Club. Here are some pics from the week...

Summer and Andy competing at Super Mario Bro's.
God has truely blessed us with such a happy boy!!At the Wild West Night
Everyone was dressed in cowboy attire except for us it seems like. I've been recycling the 3 shirts and two pairs of jeans that I brought with me...Looking in the mirror is like groundhog's day :)
Ahhh...the flat-top...and proud of it!

Superbowl....Monday!? At the squadron Bar.
Ty and Ryan watching the game.

The 25th Fighter Squadron where Andy works
Summer and I meeting at Starbucks before she leaves for the states for a couple months...can you believe she is a fellow Minnesotan!? We were destined to be friends :)

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