Saturday, July 4, 2009


When Andy was on leave (nearly a month ago...) we went to Everland which is the Disneyworld of Korea. We had a ton of fun and stayed til' closing (mainly cause I wanted to go on the rides over and over when no one was there!). They had a zoo area, rides for kids of all ages, botanical gardens, a hostel to stay at, and a European Village just like Disneyworld where we had some amazing German food and listened to some good ol' fashion Polka Music! (Summer, can I get a "holla!?")
This is a picture of us with their version of Mickey Mouse...have no idea what this blue thing is but Tyler liked him :)

Tyler riding in his new chariot :)

They had a really cool bird area where you could feed them and they flew all over you landing on your shoulder, back, anywhere they found a place to the looks of this picture you can tell I've never had a bird on me before :)

Tyler admiring the baby chicks
So precious :)
This is supposed to be the "steepest rollercoaster in the world"(don't they all claim to be though?), anyway I LOVE a good coaster and never before has my stomach dropped until this one! It's a 77% grade on the main drop. I was in shock!
No, we are not in Egypt! They had a petting zoo and an area where you could ride animals. Have you ever seen a Korean dressed as a Jeanie? I haven't.

As soon as I saw Euoropean Village I literally skipped like a little school girl on my way over screaming, "It's Europe, it's Europe!!!" ....I am so desperate :)Here's where we got our yummy German food
Tyler listening to polka music and loving it of course!

You have to savor every bite in the land of squid and octupus....
A gigantic heart made out of roses in the gardens

Making new friends while standing in line for the Dumbo ride

A quick spin in the teacups before its time to go home!

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