Monday, July 6, 2009

A Triathlon and a Celebrity!

Recently, the base had the 2nd Annual Cold Steel Sprint Triathlon. Summer and I were going to do it, but found we didn't have much time to train, so we recruited her hubby Grant to make a team out of it; and had a lot of fun :) There were about 75 people racing and the weather was perfect! The transition area
Grant coming out of the pool from his 400m swim; he did awesome!
Getting ready to ride 20K twice around the flight line. Thankfully a friend let me borrow her bike since mine is in storage in Tucson.
All done biking; now the hi-five for Summer to run... she goes; making great time!
All done with our medal and guns of course :)
After the Triathlon we headed to Subway for a Celebrity guessed's Jared!!
He's here doing his pacific tour at select bases in Asia. You wouldn't believe how excited we were when we found out he was coming to Osan. We knew roughly 3 weeks in advance so when it came time to meet him; I was a little nervous and shy to ask for his autograph. It felt as if I had met the Queen of England or something! So funny!
Love the Pizza Hut sign in the back...some irony there, don't ya' think? :)
Tyler not sure about the Giant Sub
Thanks Jared!!

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Haley said...

Jared! Soooo funny!:):) Yeah Osan!

Congrats on the triathalon!