Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In California!

I know I have been a little delayed in posting; but trying to get a teething 9month old adjusted to a 16 hour time change has left me napping during the day when he naps. Now that we're back on track I can show you what we've been up to when we're not napping! I'm staying with Andy's parents and sisters in Sacramento for a few weeks before I fly out to Indiana to see my parents. Andy's sister Katie and daughter Alex flew in this weekend from Portland. We had a blast...bike rides, swimming, smore's and much more :) (there are a couple videos at the end you will have to go to the website to watch if you get this via email)

I took Georgia swimming the other day and she was so tired when 9pm hit. We put this beanie baby on her head for her to flip and catch it; instead she fell asleep sitting up for 10 minutes! Getting ready to walk to the coffee shop!
Root beer floats
...and smore's over the grill...who knew!?
Cousins playing in the bath tub :)
Getting ready to go to Sailor Bar and swim!

Our little family minus Andy :(

Little Alex loved Georgia. She got her hands full of chalk and would rub it all over Georgia's fur. Her face ended up yellow and her back blue; but she didn't mind :)
At the Sacramento Home n' Garden show. We got him a free baloon and beach ball to keep him happy but of course all he wanted was the string :)
Nothing like waking up in the morning to bounce on the trampoline!
I'm teaching Tyler to say, "Static Cling"
Georgia in the boat in the backyard pond
Swimming at the neighbor's pool with Haley
He's getting good at splashing as you can see!
Time to clean the pond. Myliah and Georgia are there for "moral support"
Haley going out to an 80's themed birthday party. I helped her get dressed :)
Tyler playing under the bed at 3am on day #2 of our time adjustment. As you can see he was not so tired :)

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