Friday, July 10, 2009

Leaving Korea

Technically I already left Korea...I am back in the states as I type but wanted to share some random photos of our last several weeks in Korea. It was a sad goodbye, but we had a ton of fun and spent some quality time together...
we ran into an old friend from Laughlin who flies U-2's and is here on TDY for a few months. He gave us a tour of the plane and we got to ride in the camaro that chases the plane as it lands...

The space suit they have to wear because the U-2 flies up to 80,000 ft!
This is what it looks like all blown up when they are in the cockpit

In the Camaro staring down the U-2 on the flight line
Putting Ty to bed

In the stunk especially bad that day!
4th of July!! (this was the extent of his outfit..oh well :)
Relaxing on the streets of Songtan on our 4th of July date night

Crazy 4th of July Korean Clown on stilts...I guess I messed up on the peace sign...oops
Taking Ty for a hike one afternoon...we saw...
...a building where people were meditating and doing Tahi Chi

A guy lifting weights along the trail...random
...and dead people...I mean graves! This is how they bury their dead and they are in random places in Korea...we haven't seen a cemetary yet. People just find a spot of land, bury the person then pile a lump of dirt on top as a way to prevent corrosion...I guess...we read it somewhere.
Tyler fell asleep...doesn't look to comfortable to me :)
Staring at the puppies on the feet of his cute :)
Getting together with a bunch of the spouses for lunch n' bowling.
9 months and Ty's first haircut, Andy said the rat tail in the back had to go

Lookin' sharp kid!
Watching an outdoor movie on base

An evening out with our friends Grant & Summer. You can't see it but we are pointing at a Minnesota license plate...represent!!

Saying goodbye to Summer :( No, we did not stage this :)
Andy finishing his last Master's degree paper at midnight. We had a little ceremony :)
The view of our neighborhood from the top of our apartment....not much space!
Families lease random plots of land to grow vegetables that they sell to support themselves. This one is right outside our apartment. Tyler and I always walk around it before bed to see the corn grow...or to just rip apart the leaves when grabbing it :)
The morning Tyler and I left for the states. We will be back here for 2 1/2 months while Andy will be sent to Alaska for 6 weeks. I will miss you hun!

We took the bus to the airport and had some time to walk around before our plane left. I took Ty to a play area and across the way was a prayer room...thought it was unique and pretty cool :)
Tyler in his bassinet ripping apart yet another Sky Mall magazine
He did much better in the bassinet this time...he even slept!!!
Watching his Baby Genius DVD...the man next to him was so sweet with Tyler and helped me out when I needed it We made to California!!! I have a packed agenda for the next few months: California, Indiana, and Mississippi. Stay tuned for photos from our busy excursion!!

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