Friday, January 8, 2010

Andy's Fini Flight!

Here is Andy's last ride in the A-10 at Osan in Korea. I'm always excited for a fini flight because its tradition to hose the pilot down with the fire extinguisher after their ride. It's always pay-back for me when Andy soaked me with the garden hose in my church clothes one day after we were newly married...he obviously didn't think I would have my day too! I'm so proud of him and even more proud that he was given a flight upgrade (Sandy 4) during this ride..way to go!
Be sure to watch the video at the's awesome!! (mom, that means you have to go to the blog :))

Getting ready!!

This is almost as fun as Six Flags!!
The aftermath...we got the whole thing on video so no it at the end

You cant tell, but it was a chilly day...low 30' without a jacket, hat and dry clothes; he was freezing!!
The other pilots who qualified him for his upgrade
In the squadron bar for some food to celebrate

So proud of Daddy :)
My wonderful hubby with his brand new Sandy 4 you!

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