Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leaving Korea

Sorry for the delay in posting. We have been traveling and finally made it down to Tucson where we will be for the next 3 weeks. Only problem is that we have a really bad internet connection, so I am here at the library posting for y'all :) Anywho, if you havent checked already, Andy's fini flight post is below this one and I have many more to come! This post just shows us getting ready to leave Korea. Don't forget to watch the videos at the end....us driving from our apartment for the last time and me using our water filtering system for the last month...long story :)
We boxed up our TV a couple weeks before the movers came because we werent using it and Ty was getting into the cords. We used our office room as the "transition" room where we placed all of our items to be shipped; so this became our new office :) Gotta' love innovation!
Tyler helping us pack our books
But wanting some Wheaties for a snack!
Finally getting the hang of his new crayons!
Packing/purging the kitchen
One last walk in our neighborhood

We found a really awesome painter who does all sorts of styles. Monet, Thomas Kinkade replicas, family portraits, westerns, modern art, you name it! We had him do several paintings before we left, so this is one that he just started.
The first snow of the season
It's hard to see, but right outside our window is a church and they put up lights for Christmas. All of the Evangelical churches in Korea have the red cross at the top that lights up at night all year round...you will see a see of them over the city at night.
Our pathetic Christmas tree with Ty's blanket as our tree skirt...haha!! Improvising at it's best!
Ty's in bed and its our last night in the apartment...time for a packing break to watch The Office with some of Andy's famous nachos :)
Our transition room
The movers came and packed up our stuff in less than 2 hours...wasnt much there to begin with but we still have our large storage shipment in Tucson to go...ugh!

We put Ty to work at cleaning out the fridge

Our last Sunday at our church; Mission Baptist. We felt so blessed here! We loved the people, worship, preaching, and discipleship. It was really sad to leave.

Saying goodbye to the Luck's...
...and the Willis'...
...and our sweet friend Elizabeth
...aka: Ty's girlfriend :)
We stayed a few nights on base and loved being just a quick 4 minute walk away from everything!
The last shot of the shopping strip off base
Love the "innocent" look on his face when I caught him in the dryer sheets
Ty and I left a day before Andy did (flights didnt work out to be together). So he dropped us off at the bus station and said goodbye...only for a day this time :)
No more Songtan Bus terminal....
...or the Incheon Airport...wahoo! USA here we come :)

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