Thursday, January 21, 2010

Christmas '09 in California!

Well, we finally made it back to the States! Ty and I flew out on December 22nd and Andy on the 23rd. This was the best flight of all because Tyler slept (praise God!!). I tried a small dose of Benadryl and it was a life saver! He seemed to always wake up when I sat down so I pretty much stood bouncing him for the full 8 hours he slept while in the carrier. Needless to say my legs were tired, but at least my sanity wasnt, haha! I scheduled his sleep according to the departure, kept him up from a nap, and had him re-adjusted to the west coast time zone within in 2 days!! The smoothest transition yet! This year has been a whirlwind of transition and travel for him (Three 14 hour road trips, 2 domestic flights, 90 international flight hours, not to mention sleeping in closets, offices, bathrooms, you name it!), but I thank God for a sweet boy who is flexible and so well behaved through it all. It could have been much worse. Here is our tired little guy the next day at lunch time :) Andy made it safe and sound. It was so nice to be with his family for a week where we could relax and celebrate Christmas together. Everyone went to bed, so we stayed up and finished decorating the tree...
Photo shoot with Christmas presents (these were under the tree...they were not ours :)
This is our "disappointed we didnt get what we wanted" photo
the "can't believe it, I'm soooo excited for Christmas" photo
this is the "don't you dare take my present" photo...(my personal fave!)
After church on Chrismtas Eve
Christmas Day presents!

The aftermath :)
We had Christmas dinner with the Thompson's. Ty is enjoying his Christmas ham and mashed potatoes with gravy...yum!

Ohhhh, we are soooo full....too full to clean up, in fact :) hehe
Now that the food has settled, it must be time for a family bike ride, of course!

This is one very BRIGHT family :)
Dad, Haley, Mom, & Myliah
Our new favorite game, "Bananagram!" (Thanks Grant and Summer :))
Tyler loving his Tickle Me Elmo from Grandpa & Grandma L.

On December 27th, it was Dad's 60th Birthday which also fell on our 6 yr Anniversary! (photos to come!) We had a mini-celebration

Apparently when you turn 60, this is what happens to your eyes :)

Dad's gift from all the kids & Aunt Bunny. We had our painter paint this in Korea and brought it back. its a collage of all the planes he has flown, both military and commerical. Happy Birthday!
This is Andy's painting he had done of the A-10. He designed it by bringing different photos of a background, the plane, the helicopter and our painter put it all together just beautifully!
Every time we are back in the states Ty has to have his well baby appointment. Poor boy has no idea he's about to get his shots :(
Mom got this tote from Andy's brother and sis-in law for Christmas. It was such a good size we thought Ty would fit in there perfectly...he felt otherwise :)
Andy and mom spent an afternoon together and he took her to get a pedicure :)
Visiting some of Andy's old friends; Scott n' Erica
...and Andy & Heidi Matzke. He is the Youth Pastor at church and also did Tyler's baby dedication.
Silly photo...I think everyone was just confused..except for Heidi :)

We went back to their place after dinner at had some fun boxing
funny there are no photos of Andy punching me...hmmmm
(there actually were; he got me square in the nose at one point, my eyes wouldnt stop watering. Good shot, hun!)
On New Year's Eve we made a fire in the backyard with s'mores and played games and told ghost stories before going inside and drinking homemade hot cocoa while watching the ball was a fun night!

The next morning we walked with the girls to the Donut shop for coffee and um....well, donuts!
Tyler's new way of eating his banana. He keeps his mouth on it like this until the whole thing is finished just breathing through his nose...someone needs to tell him it's not a race :)

Brotherly love :) Reminds me of my childhood!
Getting ready for bed so we can start our road trip early in the morning for Tucson!
Good night :)

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