Monday, January 25, 2010

Our 6 Year Anniversary in San Francisco!

December 27th marked our 6 year anniversary! We were able to leave Ty with Grandma Korsmo so we could have our first night away. We spent the night and next day in San Fran and had an awesome time viewing the sites and had a blast just hanging out without a 2ft shadow :) (although we love him dearly :) Enjoy the pics and watch the video at the end of the most amazing breakdancer I've ever seen! We stayed at Sir Francis Drake hotel downtown. A 1920's hotel with its original charm :)

We checked in and were starving. On the same block overlooking the city center was Cheescake Factory...we had good pasta and an amazing view!

On the top floor of our hotel was a night club. We didn't feel like getting dressed up and "shopping" for a good place downtown so we just stayed in our comfy clothes and had a great time doing some 'silly dancing'....don't worry, by this point, no one was around :)

We decided to walk all the way to the Pier and do some China Town shoppin' along the way. This was our first hill among many!

Lombard street in the far back....the windiest street in the U.S. You can drive a whopping 5mph!!

We took a cruise that toured the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. It was a bit chilly, but there were some great views!

Afterwards we got some yummy clam chowder bread bowls and walked along the Wharf

This crab actually cracked through this pen with just one pinch!

This guy was really not a good singer at all. It was like elevator music gone if it wasn't bad already! Bless his heart.

Andy in his little heaven....MAGNET WORLD! A whole store of every kind of magnet you could dream of. I couldnt get him out of here

Here is my little slice of heaven: A whole store of chocolate :)

This dude was awesome! You have to watch him at the end!

I've always wanted to do this, so Andy let me play for a bit. I ended up pulling double back flips per each bounce which drew a tiny crowd. For a moment I pretended like I was an Olympian gymnast! haha :) But that dream soon ended because by the end of 10 minutes I was so tired that I was gasping for a breath and my arms nearly gave out. I ended up being sore for nearly 5 days from pulling. no joke! Either its hard or I'm really out of shape!

Riding the trolley back. It was a little crowded so we had to hop on wherever there was room. I spy an ANDY :)
I kept singing, "Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco Treat!" the whole way back :)
...then our trolley broke. I should have known. Wherever Andy and I go, good luck is hard to come by! (for those of you who know the Yosemite Bear attack story; you know what I mean!!) We had to walk the last 7 blocks :) Oh well, it was a blast while it lasted
Time to go back. I thank God for my wonderful husband of 6 years and look forward to sharing a lifetime of anniversaries together :) What a lucky gal I am!
Breakdancin' while blindfolded!

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