Friday, March 5, 2010

Adam & Eve in Alabama...or was it Garden of Eden?

Our dear friends, Adam & Eve (yep, you read that right!) graciously watched Georgia for the last 3 1/2 months of Andy's tour in Korea. After leaving AZ we flew to meet up with them in Birmingham (they are stationed at Columbus AFB, MS) to pick up Georgia. We stayed at the E Suites overnight and hung out playing games in the room, taking a day trip to Petsmart, and a quick lunch before saying goodbye. It was a mere 24 hours but oh so fun! Georgia was more than thrilled to see Andy who she has not seen in 14 months! It was liking fitting on an old hat :)

On the plane getting ready to take off to Birmingham. Tyler loves getting the window seat. He gets so excited watching the engines start and the rumble of taking off!

Georgia with her sweet friend Sophia :) They became best friends the last few months...they will really miss each other!

Tyler lovin' storytime with Eve

...and playtime too :)

We had the dogs with us, so in a short period of time there wasn't much to do other than have a family trip to Petsmart!

Then out to Chipotle for's been ages!

Georgia loves Eve. she's known her since she was a pup, so it was hard for her to say goodbye :(

I told Andy to take a picture of us...and then it turned into a photo shoot :)

Adam does this dance that looks like you are "reving the engine" so these two decided to make fun of him :) Sorry man!


The Waite family....and Georgia :)

Saying goodbye :( Miss you guys!! and thank you, thank you for taking such good care of our sweet girl!

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