Monday, March 15, 2010

Road Trip and a Texas Reunion!

This is the last of my stateside photos...I am getting there!! After saying goodbye to Andy's family we rented a Dodge Caravan and drove 16 hours up the Appalachian Trail and along the east coast to say good bye to more friends and head to Baltimore Airport. We took 2 days of driving and spent the night in Asheville, NC. We made it up to DC to spend the night with our friends from Laughlin AFB in Texas a few years back. Dropped off our caravan, dog crate and big luggage before borowing another car to drive 3 hours to NJ to stay with more friends! We made it up to Jersey right before the major east coast snow storms hit, but that meant we had to drive back to DC in it the day after! It was a crazy few days, but well worth it when you're in good company :)
Here are some pics from the road...
Our first sight of snow!!

We are so blessed with such great travel buddies :)
We stayed with our friend Beth Ann (on left...unfortunately hubby Jamie was working over the weekend and couldn't be there :( She invited some Laughlin friends over for a reunion party! We spent 3-4 years with some of these wonderful people and now they are all stationed in NJ, so it was such a blast to see them again!
Tyler meets Hannah Weldon :)
The whole Crew
Just the gals...
First attempt at funny picture...(Beth and Leigh Ann obviously not liking the idea :)
second attempt...
First attempt at the kiddo pic...
second attempt was WAY too much!!
The guys!
The Weldon Family :)
The McClain Family :)
The Menath Family...(and one on the way :)
Saturday was a fun day...we stayed in our pajamas all day, made yummy food, watched TV and the snow fall :)

This is by far my favorite picture...2 feet of snow, Andy watching everyone else shovel while the neighborhood dogs go crazy, and Beth does all the leg work :)
...this is what Beth thinks of Andy's laziness! (Just kidding...he just got done shoveling for about an hour...good man :)
Making homemade caramel corn and feeling like Martha Stewart :)
Georgia having fun reuniting with her sweet friend, Alcott :)

camera timer went off too early... we go! that timer must be broken...

We eventually made it back to DC and trudged through all the snow and blocked roads to see Andy's long time childhood friend, Annie
Once they kissed in Kindergarten and now they're both married!! (obviously not to each other :)

Staying one more night with our friends Hans & Charlynda Ellison and their sweet children :)
Such cute kiddos!
Saying goodbye and heading to the airport...Germany here we come!! Thanks for the visit everyone!! Come stay with us anytime :)

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