Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Korsmos in Montgomery!

After spending time with Adam & Eve in Birmingham, Andy's brother Mel, his wife Jessica, and kids came to pick us up and drive back down to Montgomery where they are stationed for the year. We had a lot of fun staying with them since we've only seen them for a day here or there in passing the last few years. Tyler and I spent a few nights with them this past October before flying back to Korea, so they may look familiar :)
Here's sweet Caleb... ...and Jack on his airplane
These two were closest in age and LOVED playing together :)
Brothers having a very intellectual conversation about building things :)
Andy and Georgia just got reunited after 14 months so he decided to sleep out in the garage with her...they had a little campout :)

Going to the park!

Giving Georgia a rest after throwing the ball for her...she LOVED all the attention from the kids
Turning 16 months

We all were eating dinner after feeding Tyler and this was the only way to keep him still while watching praise baby... didn't last too long :) Nothing keeps this kid still!

Sweet Olivia :)
Bedtime Bible stories
Mel just hates it when people take his photo :)
Jess told us she was pregnant!! CONGRATS!

Saying goodbye...thanks for the fun visit! Love you guys :)

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