Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beijing, China Day 1

I know it's been a while since I've posted, but we have been so busy! Andy has been on leave for nearly 2 weeks and after we got back from China we explored more of Korea, went snowboarding at an indoor ski park, spent a whole day at Everland (the Korean version of Disneyworld), and went to a South Korea, Saudi Arabia soccer game at the World Cup stadium in Seoul. I have soooo many pictures of all that to follow, but first I need to show you all of our Beijing adventures. So here is day 1 of our trip:
We got up at 3:30am to catch a 2 hour bus ride to the airport. Here we are waiting for our bus at 4 in the morning. Luckily the flight was only 1.5 hours!

Someone is loving his new hiking backpack!

Flying with Tyler has officially become a construction zone! Sky mall magazine was in shreds all over the place with toys pounding on the tray table announcing his presence in the cabin.
This photo was not staged...he literally ripped the pages out one by one. I'm in for it on my trip back to the states next month!
Because of the swine flu, everyone had to have a thermal test to allow them into their country. It's a little gun shaped thing that they place on your forehead and it scans a thermal image to see if you are sick. This guy was about to be quarantined because he didn't pass. As soon as we got there, our driver and tour guide were waiting for us. We drove through the city and saw some cool buildings, ate some local food, and toured Summer Palace, with a quick break at the hotel for Ty to get a bath.
This whole building was where the Olympic committee employees worked

The bird's nest where the opening/closing ceremonies were held. Pretty cool :)

This is a static display of China's newest fighter
They had some really awesome architecture!
This was our view for 4 days!
We had reservations at a different hotel, but there was a confirmed swine flu case there 2 weeks prior, so this was our fall back. It was pretty nice :)
Playing after bathtime...I want to pinch those buttcheeks just lookin' at 'em :)

At a local restaurant for some yummy Chinese food. Our tour guide ordered for us for every meal, so we never knew what we were getting. A little risky, but we loved the food, so it was worth the guessing :)

The restaurant in Red
There were several "tourist traps" that these guided trips take you on. Pearls, jade, and silk are all very common in China; and shops are everywhere. Here we are in the pearl shop...Tyler could have walked out of thre with some free pearls with the way he was swooning the ladies :)
People everywhere at the entrance of the Summer Palace
The Summer Palace is set in the gardens of Beijing and was a summer resort for the Empress Dowager Cixi starting in 1888 after it was reconstruced from two attacks during the Anglo-French allied invasion in 1860. The whole peaceful property and lake are smack dab in the middle of Beijing. You would never know.

This was our first experience of MANY of watching the Chinese take pictures and video of Tyler. At first it was cute, but after 4 days of sightseeing and being stopped and asked to take a photo with your son about 10-15 times a day; gets a little old. Being blonde haired and blue eyes practically makes you famous....we thought it was bad in Korea!!

The Chinese love their parisols and umbrellas to protect them from the sun. For Americans, we love to have a healthy, glowing tan...for the Chinese and many Asian countries it's exactly the opposite. The whiter the skin, the better! We found a couple ads in the magazines that had skin care products for ladies that promise whiter skin...and yet we use bronzer! So funny the differences we all have.
Here is the Pagoda that Ghandi spent much of his time in for meditation. Our tour guide told us that many Chinese did not like Ghandi. He forced many as his followers and was communist in his demeanor. He was a threat to many and there were consequences when his orders were not followed. Kind of suprising for a man that preached about peace.

An entire boat made out of Jade
Bashful Tyler :)
The Emperor's massive boat houses
Our tour guide demonstrating his love for his umbrella :)
Bejing is known as "Bicycle City" The roads are packed with them and so are parking areas just like this one!
Andy ordering boiled peanuts at this food joint. You'll see most Chinese, much like Koreans sitting at night eating there meals on these tiny chairs outside a little mom n' pop shop restaurant. Sidewalks are just lined with people eating and reminiscing about their day.
I told you it was bicycle city!!

Yes, the Chinese love their random outdoor excercise equipment too! SCORE!
Walking back to our hotel on the hunt for some ice cream
Before heading up to our room; the hotel had these seals as Tyler wanted to say hello :)
A little sleepy, but not too tired to watch a soccer game with dadGood thing he got some sleep, because Day 2 was our busiest by far....stay tuned for more photos!

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