Friday, June 19, 2009

Beijing, China Day 4 and Videos

This is our last post of China...promise! We didn't do any sightseeing on the last day because we had to be at the airport mid afternoon. We slept in a bit and Ty played with his new hat w/complimentary braid :), then took a taxi to the silk market. This is the place where you can find anything as a "knock off". North Face jackets for $20, purses, clothes, jewelry, crafts, watches, you name it! We went to several markets until we found the one we meant to go to in the first place, so three cabs later with a tour around the city, we finally found it; all 6 floors of it...we were in heaven! After we shopped we headed back to the hotel where once again our guide told us that our "treasures" were junk, so of course he didn't get the greatest tip :) We headed to the airport and had a pleasant and playful flight back. We love China and recommend a visit to Beijing for all you folk here with us in Korea or if you want to take a long jaunt over from the states, why not!?! After seeing The Great Wall, it's all worth it!
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A family on a mo-ped, how economical :)

You can't really tell, but this sidewalk was cluttered with bikes.

This whole aisle on the left was watches and the right side all the way to the end were sunglasses. You can imagine how huge this market was!!

Lots of trinkets and treasures (or for some brutally honest Chinese...junk!)

We had Tyler's name hand painted out of characters like a panda bear, cheetah, dragon, and fish. We had this framed here in Korea and can't wait to hang it in his bedroom when we get to Germany.

Every time we stopped at a light, our driver would lean back and talk with Ty...they had their own secret code by the time we left :)

We almost missed the plane, but got on at last call. We were starving...and I mean, can't walk, no food since breakfast, gonna' faint kind of hungry. There were no restaurants or food court in this wing of the airport so we walked a very long way to finally find a Pizza Hut. We got back to our gate in time to find out the gate change was at the opposite end of the airport. I have never sprinted so fast in my life! If Ty was in a race for sprinting in a stroller he would have won! So here we are just about to take off with our cold pizza. It didn't matter, anything would have tasted good!

Tray tables are so much fun to jump on!!

Crashing after a long day.

This was just a random street by our hotel. There weren't any rules when it came to crossing, so we were confused as to when we should go...looks like it was a free for all.

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