Friday, June 26, 2009 the Summer!?!

Who would have thought you could go snowboarding during the Korean summer!? We found an indoor ski park in Seoul and spent 10 hours there playing on our new snowboards (not new, used from outdoor recreation at the base, but new to us!!). I was a little hesitant since I've only been boarding once and it was 2 years ago when I broke my wrist at Squaw Valley. I was determined though to jump back on the saddle and so glad I did! There was a nice warm area where we laid a blanket down and brought toys for Tyler to play. We each would board for 2 hours and then switch off watching Ty. We had so much fun!

There are some videos at the of me snowtubing with some Korean kiddos and Andy boarding...for his second time as well, he's quite a natural...he even tried some jumps! (be sure to go to our blog to watch the videos if you get this by email) This is the exterior at the "top of the mountain"

The left side they had moguls and jumps. They have an escalator on the right side to take you to midpoint or to the top. Look how empty it was! We went on a Friday during Andy's leave so the most that was there at once was maybe 20 people.

Andy at the bottom of the slope

On the other side they had a whole space for the video at the was a blast!

Tyler being so good for us all day...just happy with his laptop :)

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