Sunday, June 27, 2010

19 Months & a Tractor Show

No, Tyler did not just turn 19 months...that was a mere 2 months ago...but as I said I am still catching up on posts!! Although they don't physically change as much in the second year as they do the first, I still keep up the monthly photos just to see the different things he does month to month...month 19 he became obsessed with our telephones. I keep the step stool underneath the chair for kitchen things only because we dont have a closet to put it on. tyler tends to think this is for him as he pulls out the stool and climbs up to get the phone and say "hello". Of course, he typically will do this when he thinks I am not looking :)

A very BIG "Hello!"

This is such a Tyler face...
...and such a sweet Georgia face :)
There was a Tractor Show in the town of Spangdahlem where my friend Brooklyn lives...we met up with her to watch. Everyone comes out with their 'antique' tractors as they make their way down the parade.
This one was my favorite :)

This is Herr Koheler; Brooklyn's Landlord...he had the oldest tractor there...and very proud of it; can you tell!?!
I don't think I would have a whole lot of faith in a tractor pulling the fire equipment if my house was on would probably burn to the ground before it got there!

Just a random pick of Tyler having 'lunch with daddy'. He videotaped himself reading books to him and put it on cd...about twice a week I break the videos out so they can have lunch together...He misses his daddy so much!

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erickson family said...

wow, am i emotional today or what. i just got choked up seeing tyler eating lunch with daddy. that is so sweet. what a good dad. and tractor show?! that is awesome. miss you!