Friday, June 4, 2010

Cologne and the Rhine River

I am back from England which means I'm back to blogging! I have so many posts to do and with the help of my friend Janell, we figured out why my posts were not automatically updating on other took us 3 hours, but we did it! So this post should make it to the top of the list rather than reading "Andy's Ride" sitting so lonely at the bottom :) Since I must go in order; these are still pictures from when Andy was here the month of April...we did a few day of which was the Cologne Cathedral about an hour and a half away. Cologne is a major city, but still has a ton of charm to its city center. I was here 9 years ago in college and saw the cathedral cool to be back! After walking through the city, we drove to Koblenz where the Mosel and Rhine River meet. Since we are in Wine country, these two rivers have the most idyllic villages planted along side the river with castle ruins hovering above on the hillside. It is just beautiful!
Walking over the Bridge to get to the cathedral, we saw these love locks everywhere...thousands of them!
Love this random statue :)

Back of the Cathedral
No mistaking...this is the front!

Our attempt at a family shot....Tyler's making sure Georgia doesnt run off :)
Andy was chasing Tyler while I waited; oh so peacefully, for our food at a's nice taking turns :)
They played the most beautiful classical music

The next morning in Koblenz we took an hour river cruise....they had some good ice cream and so we let Ty have a go at his first cone :)
The view is always better on daddy's shoulders :)

The monument where the two rivers meet.
To the right is the Mosel river which leads us close to home and to left is the Rhine flowing south.

It was one of the first warm days here so we found a park along the river and took our shoes off to run around...I couldnt tell who was enjoying this more :)

We started to drive south along the river and saw nearly 10 castles along the way.
As some of you know...I have quite the fettish with Rick Steve's and his European travel books/dvd's. He told us in his dvd that it is a must to stop in St. Goar and so naturally we did! Who can argue with Rick!?

The World's Largest Cukoo Clock!

Andy playing with our new camera and doing an awesome job on his first day!!

On our way home we took one of the roads out of St. Goar which led us to the top of the hillside and this is what we found!
It was just a little bright :)On our way home...nap for Georgia and a movie for Ty...what a fun weekend!

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