Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I finally made it to the post that I never wanted to post about..but here it is. May 7th, the day Andy left for his deployment to the desert. We were able to spend some quality family time that weekend in between all the packing (as you can see below). Of course it is never enough time but we'll just have to catch up on that this fall :)
Fun time with Daddy after bath :)

Andy got to wake Tyler up...
...but he wasnt quite ready for pictures yet :)
Last family photo

Last picture before it was goodbye
The guys had a briefing before they left so all the ladies (and kiddos) went to the coffee shop on base to buy some time before we went to the tower to watch them take-off. This is how Tyler killed the time (well, at least for 2 minutes :)

View of the base
Waiting for the planes to taxi.
Each of us got to talk on the radio with our hubbies from the Tower...it was so special to hear his voice one last time!

Andy (in the middle) heading out to the runway
It's take-off time!

We miss you so much Andy! We couldnt be more proud of you and your sacrifice for our country. You are a part of our every day..Tyler is always kissing your picture goodnight, looking through photo books, and watching videos of you reading him stories. The best part of my day is getting a phone call from you and hearing your voice! This summer is already 'flying' by and we can't wait to catch up on some down time when you return. Always praying for you and love you so very much! -Tara, Tyler (& GA :)

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Jessica said...

Ok, crying through this entire post. I feel every word of what you wrote, what an emotional roller coaster/journey they put us on...or better yet, that we choose to go alongside them on. Even though mine just got home I remember saying goodbye...the best is yet to come. We pray for you guys daily and we know the joy that awaits in your reunion...we love you guys. Andy, if you are reading this, which I am sure you are, thank you so much for doing what you do each day...you make our everyday freedom possible, we love, miss, and appreciate you so much. Be safe :)