Wednesday, June 9, 2010

April Randoms...

Just some random photos from April (Andy I'm sure you'll appreciate some of these :) Tyler was in a streak of sticking his head in Georgia's water dish when she eats to copy instead of continually saying "no" we just gave him his own bowl of cherrios and this is what he did with it :)

On a walk through the neighborhood before bed

Our sweet Georgia :)
Bathtime and loving it!!
Daddy's Blue eyes :)
Using his "pretend phone" and saying "Hello!"

My new housekeeper :)
Some friends of mine made me a birthday brunch for my 30th!! It was so sweet and oh so yummy :)

My Darth Vader pinata...thanks Brooklyn :)

Andy for some reason thought it would be funny to stick these socks on Ty's hands...who needs toys when you have Dad's dirty socks!! It kept him entertained for a good 20 minutes...which is huge!
Shortly after the last picture; he got pretty sick and got rid of all his breakfast (if you know what I mean)...but it was nothing daddy or saltines can't fix :)
This is Harry. How do I describe Harry? He is pretty much the town mascott. He has an owner but ventures through the town all day. He starts at our house around 9am and howls outside. Georgia quickly lets me know he is here for his daily visit and rushes for the door. He comes in; gets a few hugs from Tyler and treats from me before he's off to his next house. He usually comes back 2-3 times a day and usually at night before he goes home for bed.
You will spot him either laying in different driveways/backyards or getting treats at front doors. Everyone loves him; especially Ty &'s always a special treat when he pays us a visit :) Tyler loves to just "hang" on Harry. He gives him hugs and kisses, and Harry lets him do whatever he wants...but I just love this look on his face like he saying, "Could you please just give me 5 minutes alone for some peace and quiet"

Andy having a hec of a time getting the hitch on the van...but he did only after
an hour of bending the metal...he's my Mr. Fix-it Man :)


erickson family said...

haa! harry. love him. i like that your blog shows recent updates now on my feed. :) the picture of you and ty walking is precious.

Jessica said...

Ummm Love Harry...I wish we had a Harry...well, no Ace and Rio only love Georgia, so that might not work!! Tyler is seriously so cute! He is getting so grown up looking, we don't have babies anymore! I love that you are back to blogging and I am diggin the new background. Oh and yay for getting your blog fixed with Janel-she must have worked some magic!!