Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bike Rides and Eifel Park Zoo

It was one of the first nice days this spring, so we went on a bike ride on one of the trails just a couple miles from our house. It winded along the river and went through some really cute villages...we saw some cool stuff along the way!
Tyler "chill"axing in the Burley with his "Charlie" that I got from a local Hardware store...he gives him about 20 kisses every day :)

This is a trail about a block from our house...don't be deceived it is mainly down hill and there is no outlet...only back up the same way!
A little church we always see on our drive home from base
When was the last time you took a good look at a Dandelion!?! They are prettier than we give them credit for :)
Funny story about these cows...steers...whatever they are! Anything with a ring through its nose is not something I want to cross paths with...but wait I just did the other day! I took Ty & Georgia for a run on that same trail just a few pictures above. I'm running back home and a tractor pulls up to a pasture and the farmer lets out a few of these cows with their calf. I'm waiting patiently right behind him when he reverses and leaves. What do I see in front of me; perfectly situated on my trail? This bad boy!! I move closer to go quietly around him and the other 20 cows in the pen start "mooing" the hec out of their lungs! This guy doesnt move and I'm starting to remember the 'fight or flight' chapter I read about in my high school psychology class....hmmm what to do? I move closer and he takes one step closer to me. the other cows are now mooing a sound that somewhat resembles a tune you would hear in a horror flick. I'm telling them sweetly as I inch forward, "it's okay! I'm nice...I won't hurt your calf...I just want to go home quietly". My guardog, Georgia, is no guard at all, as she has somehow managed to hide under the jogging stroller. My only outlet was to vector right into the field with a fresh coat of cow maneaur...hmmm what to do now? All I can say is in the end, we were all safe, the cows got their voices back, and my shoes became best friends with the washing machine and Febreeze :)
Okay...back to the bike ride :)
Great shot Andy!
Stopping at a playground
Playing with the camera :)

Oh the Germans and their gardens!
All done with the bike ride, but Tyler wants back in...he loves his Burley!
...and his daddy :)

The next day we headed over to the Eifel Park Zoo. It's an awesome place for kids of all ages with some rides, an Alpine slide, playground equipment, food, and animals. Most of the rides were still closed since summer wasnt in full swing yet, and their werent many people there; so we got to play and meet some of the animals without any lines. Best thing is; this park is set right in the valley just 10 minutes from our house. I got a season pass, so Tyler and I will be here quite a bit this summer blowing off some energy :)
He loves the giant "BLOB"!

Burying Daddy :)

Newborns...they could barely stand up!
...Tyler could hardly believe it :)

We got to feed the bears! They had bear food and when they saw us with the box, they would sit up like this and beg :)
Tyler would just drop a pellet and the bear would catch em perfectly in the mouth every time!

I think we fed this one about 2 boxes...towards the end he got a little tired of sitting up and begging, so he just laid down and kept him mouth open ready for the food to fall :)

That's it!! Another post coming soon :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics of the little one on the train! So sweet! What an experience for all of you!
-Kali Hetrick