Sunday, September 6, 2009

2 days turned into 2 weeks... the Cameron Household! Tyler, Georgia, and I went to visit our friends in Dayton, Ohio which is only a 2.5 hour drive from Fort Wayne, IN. We knew them back from our assignment in Texas. Now they have a beautiful baby girl, Maddi; so it was fun to reunite and have the Ty and her meet. As parents we already agreed on an arranged marriage (Jeff, not so keen on the idea just yet, but Ty's gentleman character will win him over for his blessing :).
We were driving down to visit in our new (not quite new; it's an '06 but very, very, new to us!!) Honda Odyssey that we purchased from a Honda dealership in Chicago while we were still in Korea. I pulled off of the interstate after hearing "noises" and discovered that our front bumper and wheel well was coming off! This is a Honda Certified van, mind you, so it was supposed to go through a 150pt inspection prior to my parents picking it up for us (we purchased while in Korea). To make a long story short. We needed a new bumper, but the dealership in Chicago was unwilling to cover any kind of bill although I had only driven for 12 days. The Honda dealership in Dayton was so helpful and supportive of our situation in trying to battle for them to take responsibility. Well, after a week of phone calls from me in Ohio, Andy in Alaska, and the dealerships back and forth; we realized we were getting nowhere and sought legal help. We foot the bill to replace the bumper and are in the process of a lawsuit with the dealership for existing and remaining body damages (nothing major, just little knicks here and there that you can't really see, but apparently adds us!) All in all, it is a great vehicle and we are greatful to have something other than a '96 and '98 :) haha! Thankfully we had wonderful, hospitable friends that "took us in" for a 2 week visit which was only supposed to be 2 days!!! We had such a fun time and were so blessed by y'all! We can't thank you enough :)
Here is Jess and I with the kiddos on a 5k fun run at the German Festival. We got there late cause we couldn't find it and then had to run a half mile to the event cause parking was so far away! Everyone was way ahead of us, but we caught up with joggers in hand!

Ty zonked out half way through not knowing he was wearing a girly sun hat :)
We didn't place in our category but told the announcer they should have a category for strollers. He was so nice to give us our own Beer Stein medals!! This German gal was soooo excited :)
Hafbrau imported beer and $1 pretzels....Yum!
What is a German Fest without Polka of course! Ty and I were the only ones out there, but I had to introduce him to the music he will be hearing for the next 3 years!!
"Jeff, are you hinting you're ready for another? hmmm?"
Ty loved Maddi's chair, so we found another one at a used children's store. They played on these every day!
This is the week Tyler really got into finger foods. I think Maddi was the inspiration :)
We only brought enough clothes for 2 days which means a lot of laundry! One night all of his jammies were dirty so he had to borrow the cow pajamas from Maddi :) So cute!

Ty doesnt really sit still and play in the tub. Here he starts out on the left....
...who needs toys when you have the faucet to play with? we're standing! Notice how Maddi hasn't moved!? Ty needs to take notes from her :)
After bathtime....still moving...
This was a particularly rough day with the car situation discovering additional damages and being blamed that it was my fault by the dealership. So Jess and I relaxed after the kids were in bed with some white wine, nail painting, and cookie dough :)

The next day we hired one of her babysitters to come over for 4 hours so we could relax at her local spa. I got a facial and she got a massage and pedicure. Afterwards we hit up Panera Bread for lunch...mmm I miss that place :)
We also got to visit our friends the Henley's! Allison, Jess, and I were in the same Bible Study on base for a few years and went to the same church. We lived within the same couple streets so it was fun to have our own Laughlin reunion!
Here is her sweet little girl Brooke :) Now Ty has 2 ladies at his side!
Brooke is making the move :)
"Really are the ONLY one for me...I told her I was already in a serious relationship...come back....let's talk this through!"
Crisis is over and the kids are back together again gazing out the window together :)
Awww, such a good-looking couple :)
Maddi was such a good smiler when you wanted to take pictures :)
"If you will be any wife of mine, you must learn to pound like I do!"
Georgia keeping a close eye :)
"We're in, you're outside! Nana nana boo-boo!"
Loving Maddi's horse
We spent an afternoon at the pool at Jess' gym

It was time to transition to a bigger carseat. He completely outgrew his old one and cried, cried, cried. He loves the new carseat!
Riding in style :)
Swinging at the park in their neighborhood
First time swinging by himself...he just kept kicking his legs and laughing as you can see :)
Georgia also reunited with her two boyfriends Ace and Rio. She missed them!

At the center square relaxing while at an outdoor shopping mall.
Tyler of course is the only one moving.Out to dinner at a yummy Mexican place. Thanks guys for such a fun time. You'll always have a place to stay in Germany!!

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