Friday, September 18, 2009

More of Indiana

I've been meaning to post some random day to day photos day I've taken while in Indiana. There are a bunch; so bare with me! There are two videos at the end; one of Tyler dancing and the other of a random kid dancing at the baseball game; thought his moves were pretty funny :)

This is Georgia's typical pose....chin on Teddy bear with leash in sight...always ready to go :)
Hanging out at the mall in Fort Wayne

Tyler's new ride!
The leash is a very popular toy between the two...they play tug of war! Ty teases her with it and she gently tries to get it from him to go hide it :)
A night walk before bedtime. Apparently the stroller tastes pretty good.
Posing for a picture and Georgia "got me"!

For a while, Ty was waking up a few times a night while teething. I'd be up with him for just a few minutes and come back to this on my pillow :)
Many moments playing in the backyard

I love this sweet picture :)
Someone needs a bath....bad!
At Jefferson Pointe for an outdoor Jazz concert!

Listening to the music
Our new Odyssey!

I had to put in this old picture of Georgia with her sock so you can see what she taught Tyler......look below...
"Thanks for the tip Georgia!"
At the Fort Wayne "Tincaps" baseball game with my dad. It was actually an exciting game for Triple A...bases loaded bottom of the 8th and the Tincaps got 4 runs to win the game!

They had an awesome fireworks show afterward!
There was a 4 day ordeal over this Husky that I tags, walked around the neighborhood, made phone calls. Three different houses including our own and we found the owner on day 4. He was a sweetie :)

Watching Mickey Mouse
I love this vintage Tonka shirt! You can't see it, but it says, "Tonka Corporation, Mound, MN" Mound is 15 minutes from where I grew up and my Grandma worked there for years, so Tonka toys were always a must in our family!
I came out to the living room to see this one night.
Tyler's new favorite toy...the gas pipes in the backyard...totally safe and clean, right!?

Brief intermission to pound on the door :)

Every time I move him, he crawls right back...oh well. Boys will be boys!
Look at that TOOTH! The other bottom came in just a couple days ago s now he has two!
Licking the window...also very clean, I know :)

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