Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Over Labor Day Weekend my mom and I took Tyler to the zoo in Fort Wayne. I've been to quite a few zoo's in my life, but this was one of my favorites! They had the African Journey, Indonesian Rainforest Journey, and Australian Journey; all kid-friendly, clean, with lots of great animals! Tyler had a lot of fun, especially when we stopped to pound on some drums during the African Journey. You have to watch the video at the end...I can't help but think that the kid that came and interrupted him while pounding the drum will be Tyler in a few years!!! Scary :) Walking through the Indonesian Rainforest

I may be an odd one, but I think Hyena's are cute :)
We spent a ton of time with the Giraffes! You could buy a $1 token to feed them. I was soooo excited because I LOVE Giraffes! I stood in line and when it was almost my turn; the Giraffe was full and walked away. Oh well; we got some good pics :)

This was Tyler's favorite part of the zoo! Pounding the Djembe :)

He was a little unsure of the Carousel, but got through it. It was the fastest I've ever been wonder he was confused!

This was the Mother Goose pond; you can feed the ducks and the roaming Peacocks. Across the way is a Farm with a petting zoo. We checked but all the animals were in for the was almost closing time.

Pounding at the fish in the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium during the Australian Journey

It was a little warm, so we got our feet wet at the Koala fountains

Walking through the Australian part before the kangaroo's...they were too far away to get a good pic, though...sorry!
We went on a really fun and relaxing train ride around a man-made lake :)

Ty sportin' his new crinkle-nose smile :)

Giraffe video...

...This one's hilarious :)

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