Monday, September 28, 2009

Last of Indiana and Road Trip to Mississippi

This was my last Sunday at my parent's church. They kicked off a Missions Fest for the month of September and had the most amazing coreographed deomonstration with people dressed up in outfits from all across the world! A better picture of our new Odyssey. Even though we had a few little hiccups, we love this van and are so thankful for it; especially during our road trip to Mississippi
Last night with my parents. We went out to eat and celebrated Ty's birthday a week early so they could be there for it.

Biting my nose!
Looking for the fish in the pond
We asked what they did for birthdays and they said they had a little cake...we thought it was a slice but they brought out a whole Sarah Lee cake! This was the first of Ty's 3 birthday cakes to devour :)
Some of you think they are disgusting, some of you like to hunt them, but there were some very friendly and hungry racoons outside where we were eating. Tyler had left a whole bunch of food under his high chair so they patiently waited until we were done :) Apparently they are frequent visitors of this resaurant. I thought they were cute!
The racoon's version of begging :)
Mom got Ty a cake so we had some at the restaurant and some when we got home...lucky kid!

The next morning I finished packing and loaded up the van for our journey, so mom and dad were on Ty patrol.

Georgia was making sure I wasn't going to leave her...she knows when its moving time and doesn't leave the car.
Last photo. Thanks for everything! We had a blast and can't wait to see you again soon! Love you :)
Half hour into our 12 hr journey and a storm welcomed us.
But thankfully I had my trusty navigator to coach me through it :)
It was time for lunch and Ty was melting so I was looking for a rest area to pull off of the interstate. I couldn't find anything so as tears turned into screams I took the next exit and we camped out at the Shell station for a while. I was thrilled to find out that as soon as we got back on the road there was a rest area 5 miles ahead :) figures.
This was Georgia for most of the trip. I asked her to drive so I could take a nap but she was apparently too tired.
Louisville, KY
Couple hours left until Nashville, TN where we will spend the night at the luxurious La Quinta Inn :)

I had two systems that worked great! I would stash all of his toys right by me and every time he would start to fuss I'd reach back and hand him one. When he got sick of that one, I'd hand him another and so on. Whenever we would stop I would just restash and start the process over. The other big help was the Headrest DVD player we had installed the day before. You can see him watching Mickey Mouse in the background :)

I took Georgia's cushion from her crate and laid it down for ty to crawl on. I put all his food, sippy cups, bibs, etc in this diaper box which created a barricade for a play area when we stopped and also easy access for feedings. Here we had to pull over the last hour before arriving in Nashville to stretch our legs.
I just love my sweet pup :)
Playing hide n' seek :)
Finally asleep. He only slept for a half hour the first day (6.5 hours drive time plus 2 hours in stops). Day two was an hour nap for 6 hours driving with an hour stop. For as little sleep as he got, he was quite the trooper :) I can't complain!
They both racked out as soon as we got to the hotel and I got everything set up. I on the other hand did not sleep well at all. After the first couple hours, the floor became more comfortable than the saggy bed; so Georgia had it all to herself.
Getting ready for Day #2!
We made one stop to eat at a rest area outside of Birmingham, AL. (yes I did find one!!) And this was our last stop at a country church an hour before arriving to Eve's.
We made it to Mississippi!!! Praise God for a safe trip! We will be here until October 22nd when we fly back to Korea and meet up with Andy after flying in from Alaska the same night. More adventures to follow :)

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