Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Andy's already been back from Alaska for over a week now and he'll tell you how much he misses it! Thankfully he gets to go back! He found out he's being sent back for the 2nd Red Flag mid-September when I was supposed to go back to Korea. So now we are coordinating schedules and changing flights to reunite end of October/early November. If I haven't explained it before, Red Flag is where Fighter Pilots join up each year from all over to train/fly/practice "real world war scenarios". They get to blow a bunch of things up and pretend to shoot each other while flying in and out of the mountains of Alaska. Rough job, eh? He had a blast the first time and didn't mind the extra sightseeing :) I'll admit I was slightly jealous...ok...REALLY jealous; especially when he told me he went ATV'ing in Denali National Park! Lucky Shmuck! Here are just a few of some really good photos from the last 5 weeks, but to see the rest of Alaska with some added humor, you have to WATCH THE VIDEO AT THE END!! Andy did a great job making it for me so I have to show it off!! Thanks hun! Hiking a Glacier
....I have nothing but sweet sentiment for my husband each time I look at this picture :)
Deep Sea fishing in the Ocean off of Valdez where the oil spill occurred in the 80's

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