Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finger Painting for Daddy!

This afternoon I decided to do a fingerpainting project to put in Andy's care package. I'd like to say that Tyler had such a fun time, but that was far from the truth...Georgia on the other hand, didn't mind at all :) It was a challenge getting his hand print on the paper...he kept crunching it together...
...so I let him play in the paint for a bit...
Got one!
Let's try a foot print!
"I don't want to make a footprint...NO, NO....
Let's pause for a brief but peaceful moment after I horribly tortured my son with paint....how dare I!! Georgia was such a trooper! What's a hand print collage without Georgia's paw print on it :)

The final product!
After cleaning up, we came inside to bake cookies for Andy. Tyler wasn't sitting still long enough for me to mix the flour and the oats so I had to confine him :) I gave him a measuring cup and a spatula and he was fine! (even though I got swatted in the back of the head a few times :)

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